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A boutique Farewell & Pet Cremation Service where your pet and the environment come first.

Our method

What is Water Cremation?

Water Cremation is an environmentally friendly end of life alternative to flame-based cremation, that simulates nature’s own burial processes in an accelerated form by using gentle water flow, agitation, warming and alkaline additives.




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Your Pet’s Journey

Make Contact

An exchange of you and your pet’s details takes place and is used to create your pet’s own unique identification that will stay with them throughout their entire journey with us.

Collection & Arrival

From the moment we take your pet into our care we honour and respect them with dignity throughout their journey with us.

Memorabilia & Cremation

 At this stage we take paw imprints, hair clippings and make any other memorabilia arrangements you request.

Ready for Home

We will contact you as soon as your pet’s ashes are ready to be collected or personally returned by us to your home.

what we believe

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Canterbury with a compassionate and personalised water cremation service allowing owners to respectfully honour and farewell their beloved family pet while being kind to the environment.

Let one of your pet’s final destinations be in the caring, compassionate arms of the guardians at Gentle Waters Pet Cremation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Gentle Waters Pet Cremation treated our boy with respect from the time he passed up until he was returned to us at home. We were so thankful to have had Our Pet’s Goodbye put our Bear to sleep, and to take him away for cremation with Gentle Waters. It was a great comfort to discuss his cremation with Nicola before he passed, and to see her afterwards to collect his ashes. 

Bear Dog was a bubbly boy, with the most overwhelming love of tennis balls. He kept our family company for over 15 years, and he now finally lays in peace.

Thank you - Sherryl, Mike, Sam, and Georgia

Saying goodbye is never easy. Let US HELP.

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