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What is Water Cremation/Alkaline Hydrolysis

Alkaline Hydrolysis or Water Cremation is an environmentally friendly end of life alternative to flame-based cremation, that simulates nature’s own burial processes in an accelerated form by using gentle water flow, agitation, warming and alkaline additives.

Alkaline additives in the form of Potassium or Sodium Hydroxide (Salts) are combined with water and are common components of cosmetic products, body soaps, washes and other personal hygiene products.

The end result of Alkaline Hydrolysis leaves skeletal remains (Calcium Phosphate) returned to the family in the form of ashes and a neutral liquid that contains salts, sugars, amino acids and peptides.  The remaining liquid is sterile and contains no DNA or RNA and is the by-product of natural decomposition when a body is returned to the earth/whenua once the process is completed.


  • A gentle process that uses water and alkali to mirror mother nature’s natural burial process.

more ashes

  • The water cremation process is gentler to the mineral remains of your pet, with 20-30% more ashes (calcium phosphate) returned to families.


  • Environmentally sustainable with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions or use of fossil fuels.

90% less energy used

  • Uses approximately 90% less energy than traditional flame-based cremation.

100% safe

  • Powdered ashes returned to you are 100% safe, disease and pathogen free.