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Personalise Your Pet’s Farewell

For those who wish to make the final journey with their pet to the crematorium, we have a personal farewell suite available by appointment. Here you can spend time with your pet prior to entrusting them into our care.
If there are any other requests to help you and your family at this difficult time, please let our aftercare team know and we will do our best to make any further arrangements.

Ash Return Options

Paw Print Cardboard Scatter Tube

Complimentary with cremation

Brass Paw Print Urn(Plain or Engraved)

For pets up to 20kg only

Macrocarpa Photo Urn(Plain or Engraved)

Handcrafted in NZ

Woven Flax Kete/Urns – Te Oriori Weavers

(Indication only) * See below

Te Oriori Weavers have been instrumental in creating environmentally friendly urn options for us at Gentle Waters that honour both your beloved pet and the natural world.

When you choose an urn crafted by a Te Oriori Weaver, you are not only
selecting a beautiful and meaningful vessel/waka for your pet’s ashes, you are supporting the preservation of traditional art forms and livelihoods of talented individuals.

Your choice becoming a part of a greater narrative, contributing to the
continuation of indigenous knowledge and cultural expression.
*With no two urns the same, each is lovingly created reflecting the artists
individuality and creativity, therefore the photos are an indication only.

Memorial Keepsakes

  • Fur Clipping
  • Clay Pawprint
  • Ink Pawprint
  • Nose Print
  • Reterniti Stone